Wednesday 2 May 2012


According to a friend, a really good porridge, apart from that big pinch of salt, has a little secret added in the end. Butter - melted in a pan till a nice brown. Drizzled onto the warm porridge. And stirred gently in. It's the best porridge tip I've ever received.

And here's porridge according to Spike Milligan.


Why is there no monument
To Porridge in our land?
If it's good enough to eat,
It's good enough to stand!

On a plinth in London
A statue we should see
Of Porridge made in Scotland
Signed, "Oatmeal, O.B.E."
(By a young dog of three) 

Spike Milligan


  1. Wow.. thats a great tip indeed. Neat presentation Pia.

    1. thanks anita. my daughter was playing with the bears, and it made me thing of porridge, of of sharing the tip here :)

  2. I will be trying that in the morning! Will make a change from golden syrup, and my dentist will be grateful! :)

    1. let me know how you like it! how about golden syrup AND the butter? mmm! and i promise not to tell the dentist :)


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