Tuesday 20 June 2017


Hello, hello, ye all who're still here!

Our summer is busier, buzzier that usual this year. My parents are here, and we've been traveling around Europe with them, and my brother. And Chotto-ma has been sandwiched between all the people she loves to be sandwiched between.

Summer is looking busier on the writing front too. I've just had a story called 'DOMINOES' published in the fabulous Lunch Ticket, a journal from Antioch University, Los Angeles. And there are couple of more stories slotted for publication soon.

If you're not on my Facebook, and missed my post about 'DOMINOES', do pop in and say 'hi'. I'd love to hear from you: https://www.facebook.com/pia.ghoshroy

Or you can read the story here: http://lunchticket.org/dominoes/