Monday, 10 October 2011

You, at three

            You turned 3
            while Ba and I were sleeping.

            You turned 3
            while we were driving,
            and hoovering,
            and buying milk and bread.

            We turned around
            And your jeans were shorter
            Your shoes were tighter
            Your imagination, wilder
            And sentences, longer.

            You are 3 now.
            You tiptoe into my room,
            cover me with your teddy's blanket
            while I sleep.

            You eat half of your favourite treat
            and wrap up the rest.
            It's for Ba, you say,
            when he comes home from work.

            You switch on your light
            at two in the night.
            You tell me you need to read.

            I remind myself
            you are 3
            you are 3.


  1. Happy birthday to chotto-ma :-)

    Time just flies isn't it.It is scary sometimes.

  2. I hope she had a very happy birthday! Lovely poem, gorgeous photographs and AMAZING Cake... Could do with a slice of that with my cup of tea right now! Emma :)

  3. they grow up so quickly, don't they? they become independent before your very eyes... happy birthday, gorgeous girl! i hope that you had a wonderful day x and to mummy - enjoy every moment of her - she is so beautiful x

  4. a very happy 3rd birthday to the little princess! hope u all had a lovely day celebrating! cant believe she's 3 already, time flies when you're having fun :)x

  5. anita, you're right. there was a time when i would wait for her to take the first step or to say the first word. now i want to slow it all down.

    thanks emma! that cake took the better part of the night to finish, but the look on her face in the morning was worth the trouble!

    @hopefulmummy: they do, they do. so very quickly. thank you so much for the lovely birthday wish :)

    thanks aliyah :) yes, i don't quite know where the time went!

  6. Precious. How lucky is she, to have a mummy who bakes cakes like that for her! Happy birthday to your little one!

  7. thanks grace! i might need her to read your comment when she's in her teens :)

  8. I miss the birthday party! A belated happy birthday to your little girl! Oh, how precious! Yes, time flies and somehow time doesn't slow down for one bit.

    I loved the poem, too, and everything else on this post.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  9. Very, very sweet Pia. And so true. And here's wishing her a very happy birthday. Your poem reminded me of something I wrote for M just a few months ago. It's very depressing to see them grow so quickly. Sigh! :-(

  10. thanks annapet! no, it doesn't slow down, does it? i wish it did a little!

    thanks vispy! i would love to read yours sometime :)

  11. Wow, 3 already? I bet she enjoyed that gorgeous cake :)

  12. yes, 3 already, Mina :) and if you feel like a long drive, there's still some rainbow left in the fridge!

  13. Happy birthday!! 3 years went by so quick yea? :)

  14. It did, a blink! Thank you for your birthday wish! :)

  15. Smashing cake! I would have been a very happy 3-yr old if I got that for my bday party :) happy birthday to your little one...

  16. thanks swati! she's always drawing rainbows on hilltops, so i thought i'd turn into into a cake :)


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