Wednesday, 19 October 2011

{midweek monochrome}

    When she sees another child scribbling on walls, she reminds me it's a 'not good problem'.
    I wonder what she would make of this.
    Brooklyn, NY


You can also find this on Susan's lovely blog, The Well-Seasoned Cook, for Black and White Wednesday.


  1. One man's graffiti is another's art :P Lovely picture...

  2. i agree swati. in some cities, you need to be out when all the shops close, just to see stunning shutter graffiti.

  3. So well clicked, Pia. I'm not sure if this is a viable eatery (it is Brooklyn, after all), or an abandoned joint or warehouse where vandals had at it. Do you know its history? What I do know for sure is that this scene would not have worked nearly as well in color unless you went w/ over-the-top HDR. It couldn't be better as is in B/W. Thanks for another great BWW photo.

  4. i wish i knew more, susan. but i have a feeling you're right - the place is probably a has-been. but if it were vandals, they sure added to the character.


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