Wednesday, 14 September 2011

{midweek monochrome}

Reflections in the kitchen

You can also find this on 'Black & White Wednesday', a photo event on Susan's wonderful blog, The Well-Seasoned Cook.


  1. Thats unusual...Is it steam coming from cooking or is just a blurred effect/noise effect ..but the composition of this shot is unusual..Lovely..hugs and smiles

  2. Jaya, it's the reflection of sunlight coming through the rippled glass on my kitchen door. The photograph isn't black & white either. It's exactly as it was shot, without tweaks.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog! It's great to meet a fellow Bengali food blogger :)

  3. Thank you for linking to my blog! I love your blog... :)

  4. Your blog is one of my favourite things to catch up on, Virginia. Thanks for dropping by :)

    Thanks Paz!

  5. Very cool, either ethereal or futuristic, depending on how you view it. Thanks so much, Pia, for an electric BWW contribution.

  6. thanks paz!

    thanks you so much, susan. it's great being part of BWW, sharing space with such a diverse bunch of people.


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