Friday 25 November 2016

The Art of Autumn

Autumn in Cambridge is like a Monet gone mad. Trees and earth and river move around you, and through you, in swirls. You walk into this breathing artwork every day. Nothing is static.

The leaves float down from tress brushing your arms, the river curves, light sieves in through cracks. The bird-man throws his grains in an arc making the gulls swoop down and up. A cocker spaniel runs after a ball. Next to you, moorhens plough ripples in the water. Cyclists peddle by.

And you walk on. You take everything in, you take nothing in.



  1. Loved the words and the post... beautiful...

    1. Thank you, lovely soul-searcher :)
      Wishing you a wonderful, blue-skied weekend!
      P xx

  2. So lovely! Makes me look forward to moving to that part of the world! :)

    1. Cambridge seems to look good in every season, Emma. Makes the winters a little easier on the eyes :) xx


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