Wednesday 7 December 2011

{midweek monochrome}

The Mistake
Alicia E. Stallings

The mistake was light and easy in my hand,
A seed meant to be borne upon the wind.
I did not have to bury it or throw,
Just open up my hand and let it go.

The mistake was dry and small and without weight,
A breeze quickly snatched it from my sight,
And even had I wanted to prevent,
Nobody could tell me where it went.

I did not think on the mistake again,
Until the spring came, soft, and full of rain,
And in the yard such dandelions grew
That bloomed and closed, and opened up, and blew.

You can also find this on Susan's wonderful blog, The Well-Seasoned Cook, for Black & White Wednesday.


  1. A great click and pretty poem!



  2. i so look forward to your midweek monochromes... this week it's is exceptional... love the poem. x

  3. A beautiful combination of image and words.

  4. @hopefulmummy: it is so lovely to have someone wait for my posts. thank you for that!

    thanks simona :)

  5. Love the poem! Thank u for charing it Pia! XoX

  6. @perfectionmakesmeyawn: i love that you love it! xx


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