Wednesday, 26 October 2011

{midweek monochrome}

A group of pilgrims travel together from Southwark to Canterbury, in 14th century England. And to make the long journey less ardous, each pilgrim tells a tale.

I thought Canterbury would feel like a walk through my university literature. But the day did not have the dark grey dampness for Chaucer's story. It was too sunny, too happy. And there was a Starbucks leaning against the Cathedral.


You can also find this on The Well-Seasoned Cook, for Susan's wonderful photo event, Black & White Wednesdays.


  1. Lovely shot! For a moment there I thought it was on some kinda surface and not hanging from the wall--nice angle.

  2. Beautiful shot! I love those pretty signs.



  3. The butter knife looks like it's jumping out of the photo, nice details. I miss seeing all the signs in England.

  4. thanks nashira, the height kinda dictated the angle :)

    me too, rosa! thanks so much :)

    hi rhonda. pub signs do make a statement, don't they? i'm glad it reminded you of a place you miss :)


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