Tuesday, 17 September 2013

[minute] Mouse On Plate

Chotto-ma has developed a crush on the camera; she now holds the Nikon, which is nearly as heavy as she is, in her little hands, and walks around from subject to subject. Her hands and eyes are surprising sure. (Or, I'm just being a real mother about it.)

Here's Mousie wiping the plate clean. Styled and shot by Une Petite Photographe.

{Photograph courtesy: Chotto-ma, using the iPhone. Uploaded untweaked.}


  1. Perfect! She is an artist. has the eye and the talent. frame it! Hugs to Chotto ma

    1. Soma, if I start framing now, I'm in for a lot of banging-nails-on-walls. I started a box for her drawings, and look where it got me; I have wine crates full of the stuff! :))

  2. Replies
    1. :) yes, she serves me the yummiest things!


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