Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Hungry for a far-off place

I thought I might as well make a series of it - these 'alphabet art' that she keeps filling up the fridge door with. Here are a couple of planes flying over the clouds.
Sometimes, her art sums up the thoughtbubbles floating in our house. We're all hungry for a far-off place.


  1. i'd love to go to a far-off place too ;-)

    1. i've passed the feeling on - good :)

  2. Love those, really really do. Sometimes I think we all need to find the inner child and remember how simply we used to see the world and how easy it was to make ourselves smile.

  3. Now YOU have made me smile! And I do like something that makes me smile before my head hits the pillow :) It ends the day nicely :)


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